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New staff training of Tocema company ended successfully

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In order to help the new staff to quickly become talent, our company from February 13 to 18 the new staff carried out a week-long pre-job education and training.
Tomas opened the first chapter of the training with a lecture on how to do a good job.On how to do their jobs, strengthen their own knowledge, improve self-ability as the core of the wonderful explanation for everyone's way of life guide the direction of progress. Xiao Qingping manager to show us the daily work of the production and work norms, While establishing a new self-protection awareness of personnel. Xiao show us the difference between the product parts, production methods and processing methods. In addition, the fire drill as the focus of this training, the company staff to respond positively, how to use fire extinguishers, how to escape in the fire.
After the training they have said: through training we understand the purpose of training, Code of conduct work idea and so on have a deep understanding.

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